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Hub Bearing

Every vehicle (cars, bicycles, aircraft, light and heavy trucks, passenger vehicles, etc.) has a hub assembly, whose proper working condition is essential. The favorable operating condition of this assembly ensures smooth and safe ride, as it prevent the wheels to wobble and vibrate as well as avoid growling, rumbling, humming or other abnormal noises. The other problems can be Abnormal side pull when brakes are applied, uneven rotor/brake pad wear or uneven tire wear. For silent and smooth ride, it is important to invest in quality hub assembly, which also includes hub bearing as a main component. A metal ring also called race holds steel bars.

Key Points:

  • Reduce all abnormal and unwanted noises by applying Shandong Defa Bearing Co., Ltd's automobile wheel hub bearing in your vehicle.
  • The automobile hub bearing allows free rotation of your vehicle's wheel without any damaging effect.
  • The main components of this bearing assembly are race, cage, bearing seal, wheel hub, bearing grease, and bearing grease packer.
  • The rugged design, easy installation and proven performance make automobile hub bearing the choice for all automobiles.